Tubing Bundles

Tubing Bundles

heated lines

Tubing Bundles applications range from freeze protection and process temperature maintenance as a reliable solution to the  instrumentation infrastructure, to monitor critical processes and reactions, monitor emissions (CEMS).

Small diameter pipes are heated for many reasons, including freeze protection, viscosity reduction, and maintenance and gas samples above their dew point. These can all be critical to process accuracy, emissions compliance and even plant operation.

Compared to uncoated pipe that is insulated and field-traced, prefabricated pipe bundles:

Speed up the installation;

Reduce installation cost;

Ensure long term reliability and safety of the entire system;


Protection against freezing;

Maintenance of process temperature;

Protection of personnel against the risk of burns;

Maintain gas flow above its dew point;

Prevention of condensation and crystallization;

No steam cleaning;

Certified for use in common (unclassified) areas and potentially explosive environments;

Tubing Bundles - Electric Heating

Tubing bundles for electrically traced instruments represent lower installation costs and higher reliability for flow, level and pressure transmitters.

Complete electrical tracing systems shall include instrument piping heating. Pipe bundles are reliable, economical products for heated and / or insulated piping.

Whatever the application – frost protection, high temperature maintenance or delicate analyzer piping – we offer superior electrical tracing solutions;

Tubing Bundles - Steam Heating

Steam-heated bundles are designed to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance. For maintenance of lower temperatures, the trace tube is isolated from the process tube.

The trace tube is in direct contact with the process tube, where higher temperature maintenance is required.

Tubing Bundles -

Single pre-insulated steam supply pipe, return
condensation or other transport of fluid or gas without heating.


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