Steam Trace

What is Steam Trace?


Steam Tracing on Pipe

ThermoFlow offers steam trace solutions for all pipe and tank temperatures from freeze protection to high temperature process maintenance.

Steam trace provided by Thermoflow is able to increase energy transfer by up to 6 times compared to conventional trace, using the Heat Transfer Compound.

We produce high performance Steam Trace solutions, performing from design to installation.

We have engineers, technicians and manpower to perform a full service.

It can be used in various industrial segments such as Oil and Gas, Steel, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Pulp, and others.


Temperature Control

Process Flow Improvement

Energy Reduction

Greater Security

Easy Installation

High Efficiency

Heat Transfer Compounds

ThermoFlow heat transfer compounds provide efficient thermal connection between the trace and process equipment. By eliminating porosity, heat is directed to the pipe or tank wall by conduction rather than convection. A single stroke using thermal transfer compound has the performance equivalent to three to five traces.

We have heat transfer compounds available for various steam heating operations and equipment.

Not soluble in water.

Does not require cure.

There is no need to prepare the surface.

In addition, the installation is fast and has high durability. Contact us for more information about each product.

Steam Tracing on Pipe


We are a innovative company, so we seek to bring to the market a high technology linked to the development of new solutions.

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