ThermoFlow offers heating services and solutions that cover all stages of development, carrying out feasibility studies, project management through commissioning. Using advanced software, we perform the calculations to scale the materials and equipment needed for a perfect system operation, according to customer expectations.Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with experience and expertise in the roles of Electrical Engineer, Electrical Technician, Project Manager, Tinker Assembler, Tinker Tracer, Insulator, Welder, with NR10 Basic, NR10 Explosive Atmosphere, NR12, NR33, NR35 certifications , CBSP, HEUT, PMP (PMI).

We believe that behind every successful engineering service delivered to a customer is a combination of three attributes. They are qualified teams, rigorously developed and well oriented by the management, working within a rational and precise methodology, using tools and technology that ensure greater safety, quality and cost savings involved in the final result of the work.

ThermoFlow’s services are for the industrial, residential, commercial and refrigeration areas, among the industries we serve Oil and Gas, Chemical, Energy, Food, Pulp, Steel, Mining and Cement. We always strive to meet the demands of our customers, so we have a complete portfolio of Industrial  solutions Including heating processes as Electric Trace, Steam Trace, Thermal Insulation, Tracing System for cooling, Floor Heating and Accessories such as Electrical Panels, Thermostats, Hoses, etc.

We work in the following steps:

Opportunity Analysis

– Documentation analysis;

– Concept development;

– Viability study;

– Customer Requirements;

– Preparation of the technical / commercial proposal;


– Project elaboration;

– Use of Computrace and TraceCalc software;

– Technical project making using Autocad;

– Project management plan;

– Schedule;


-Supervision of services throughout the execution and acceptance;

– Commissioning;


– As-Built;

– Data Book;

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We are a innovative company, so we seek to bring to the market a high technology linked to the development of new solutions.

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