Floor Heating


Floor heating is ideal for those seeking greater comfort in their home, as the heated floor brings a sense of well-being, and even allows little ones to run free around the house in the cold.

That’s why ThermoFlow specializes and is bringing electrical system solutions to the market. So if you’re looking for a company that does custom design and installation with expert staff and still develops their own products, ThermoFlow is right for you.

Frequently Questions:

What is Electric Floor Heating?

The Electric Floor works by heat radiation that is emitted from heaters cables (electrical) installed under the floor environments. From the floor heat is radiated to the entire environment.

As the electric floor is installed under the floor it does not occupy space in any environment. The only equipment on display is the wall-mounted thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature.

Can I install the Electric Floor in just one room?

Yes, Electric Floor installation can be performed in just one desired room. We have technology where the electrical system can be individualized, not harming anyone in every environment.

Can the Electric Floor be used in homes only?

No, the Electric Floor can be used in offices, business environments, clubs, clinics, hospitals and schools.


We are a innovative company, so we seek to bring to the market a high technology linked to the development of new solutions.

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