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ThermoFlow has heating solutions that improve process efficiency and allow for smooth production.

Caustic Soda: It is an essential reagent for the production of various organic chemicals. Among the main applications is pulp and paper bleaching, besides being widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, metallurgy (alumina production for the aluminum industry), soap and detergents, textile and food industry. Of natural origin, it has a relevant role in pollution prevention and effluent treatment, enabling various industrial processes. Some manufacturers of the product recommend that it be stored above 25°C. In industry to ensure viscosity that allows flowability, soda is normally maintained at a temperature of approximately 45°C.

Sodium Silicate: Sodium silicates are also known as liquid glass being a versatile inorganic chemical made by combining SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and Na2O (sodium oxide); It is found in liquid and solid form. Adjusting the relationship between these two oxides produces a variety of products with unique functionality, used in many industrial product and process applications. In industry, to ensure viscosity that permits flowability, the solution is usually maintained at a temperature above 10°C.

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