Heated Hoses

Heated Pressure Hoses


Heated pressure hoses serve to maintain a constant temperature without heat loss for the transport of the following fluids:

oil, grease, wax, resin, ink, water, glue, plastic, molding compound, food, etc.

The heated hose is mounted on mobile systems and machine parts in most cases.

Standard temperature range up to 250 ° C


Operating temperature: 5 °C to 250 °C
as standard

Nominal widths: 4 mm to 25 mm as standard

Voltages: 12 V to 400 V

Operating pressures: up to 500 bar

Heat output optimised for application

Heating cables produced in-house

Available for the automotive industry as siliconefree/
LABS-free version


The medium is only free-flowing at a specific temperature.

The medium only reaches its specific processing
properties in a certain temperature range.

The medium can only be processed at a specific

The heated hose must be transportable or flexible
due to movable system parts.


Food Industry

Transportation of semi-finished food products: jams, chocolate, brown sugar. Handling of animal and casein glues / fats (temperature range 40 ° -50 ° C).

Pharmaceutical Industry

Maintain the temperature of products that suffer from low winter temperatures, eg, copolymer emulsions, sugary solutions, pharmaceutical mixtures, cosmetic mixtures, water (to prevent freezing) and other products.

Packaging Industry

Hot melt adhesive application. Fields of application: packaging, publishing, wood industry, mattress manufacturing.

Chemical Industry

Sampling and analysis of fumes in plants and refineries.

Paints and Insulation

Paint application, application of insulating materials of various types (eg pool protection, flooring), application of anti-abrasive materials in shipbuilding.

Automotive Industry

Distribution of hot melts for the assembly of automotive components, home appliance components, electrical components, power connectors, etc. Application of polyurethane, polyester, two-component adhesives, highly viscous adhesives (over 50,000 cps).

Gas and Steam Industry

Transport of corrosive chemicals, transfer of gases and vapors.


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