Heat Trace

What is Heat Trace?


Heat Tracing is a system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels. Electric heating is achieved using a resistive cable installed on the pipe or tank wall.

Today’s Heating Trace technology uses a self-regulating polymer that controls the power delivered to the process. When the ambient temperature drops, the polymer creates conductive paths that allow the current to flow and heat. As the ambient temperature rises, the conductive pathways begin to separate, causing less current to pass through.

Requirements for electrical tracing systems vary according to the particularities of the project and its application. To meet these needs, ThermoFlow has a wide range of electric heating trace.


Temperature Control

Process Flow Improvement
Energy Reduction

Greater Security

Easy Installation

Use in Hazardous Areas (Ex)

Our cables:

Self-Regulating Heating Cable

⇒ Freeze Protection ⇒ Heating on Level Indicators ⇒ Piping, Vessel and Tank Heating ⇒ Automotive Industry ⇒ Food Processing Industry ⇒ Oil and Gas and Chemical Industry

Constant Wattage Heating Cable

⇒ Vessels, Pipes, Valves and Equipment ⇒ Building Construction ⇒ Food Processing Industry ⇒ Paper Industry ⇒ Oil and Gas and Chemical Industry

Mineral Insulation Heating Cable

Applications, especially in hazardous areas (Ex): ⇒ Moisture proof applications at high outlets and temperatures ⇒ May be immersed in fluids ⇒ Pipe heat ⇒ Machine and plant construction ⇒ Equipment engineering

Skin Effect Heat Tracing

A Skin-Effect system is a low cost alternative to conventional long pipe heat tracing system, eliminating the need for a power distribution system along it.


We are a innovative company, so we seek to bring to the market a high technology linked to the development of new solutions.

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