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Thermoflow has several solutions for the food industry, promoting branch strengthening and good flow management.

Oil / Palm Oil: They are essential to the cooking process in the food and beverage industry, but present a number of challenges. These include having a low temperature variation tolerance and a propensity to degrade or decrease quality or viscosity if temperatures are not maintained correctly. Oil and palm oil also need to be transported from different parts of the processing plant while remaining at a specific temperature.

Chocolate: The production of good quality chocolate products requires chocolate to be kept in a molten state during the various stages of the manufacturing process. No degradation due to temperature fluctuations which negatively affect by changing viscosity and mixing content.

Glucose: Glucose syrups are widely used in the food and beverage industry and are a key ingredient in confectionery, beer, soft drinks, sports drinks, jellies, sauces and ice cream, among others. To maintain their quality and viscosity, they must be kept within restricted temperature ranges. Any pipe or tank containing these glucose infused products requires the use of thermal control solutions.

Caustic Soda Line: Sodium Hydrate (NaOH) in concentration up to 51% is widely used in sanitizing process lines of the food industry. Some manufacturers of the product recommend that it be stored above 25°C. In industry to ensure viscosity that allows flowability, soda is normally maintained at a temperature of approximately 45°C.

Soy Lectin: Lecithin is usually extracted from soybeans and is basically a fat obtained from the grain of the plant during the soybean oil extraction process. As a hygroscopic product, soy lecithin easily absorbs moisture, which makes it more viscous and therefore difficult to handle when removing it from the drum. This high viscosity problem is not present when maintaining lecithin at or above 50°C, which facilitates the bulk loading of this product because, besides being kept warm inside the plant, lecithin is kept warm in the tanker trucks, because they have a thermal insulation system. With the Electric Trace system it is possible to keep the temperature of drums or tanks at 50°C reducing its viscosity and facilitating their pumping.

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