Bag Filter: solution to improve performance

Bag Filter is an equipment used in several industrial segments, to filter and eliminate particles. Its system aims to empty the contaminated air from the industrial operations served and to separate the particulate material through fabric sleeves suitable for air filtration.

The industrial sector must always seek to improve the performance of its activities, which generate, in the short and long term, process optimization and cost reduction. The assertive focus on the equipment that is involved in the activities is the first step towards achieving the expected results.

Bag filter temperature

For each bag filter designed, there is a limit in relation to the working temperature and peak that can be reached. Failure to take care in thermal control can generate:

  • Particle condensation
  • Component dryness
  • Thermal excess
  • Saturation / clogging of the filter

That is why it is important to be aware of the optimization needs of the bag filter, since over time, problems related to temperature and humidity may arise.
Now we are going to show you a ThermoFlow case for a problem related to bag filter temperature, and below how we solved this problem using our electric tracing technologies.

Installation filter bag solution

Our Case

As the flow inside the filter is conditioned before entering the equipment, mainly the temperature and humidity. With the resistance of the filter element, there is the possibility of condensation and clogging on the filter walls, thus causing the filter to clog.
Our client used Bag Filters in the transfer tower of the Cement Mill, which operated with limestone at an average humidity of 20%. And in contact with the material heated in the mills, condensation of particles occurred that agglomerated inside the filter. Thus, blocking the pipes and the discharge of dust by the hopper of the filter.

Bag filter solution

Thermoflow designed the heat trace system, with constant wattage cables, to raise the temperature inside the filters to the process inlet temperature. In order to eliminate condensation and, consequently, the solidification of dust on the walls of the filter and hopper, thus avoiding clogging and loss of productivity.
Thermoflow supplied the complete solution, with heating cables, RTD, control and electrical distribution panels, power and instrumentation cables, installation of all material and also thermal insulation.

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